A Collaboration of Shared Values

Dutch and German young-socialists meet for a new intercultural experience

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It has been a new agenda but it will be eventful: Young socialists from the Netherlands and Germany met for build-up a new interchange of political ideas and opportunities in their countries. Indeed, the first focus has been set on the personal communication on being active in a left-wing party. The political structure differs but the values are shared. This has been the young people’s first insight. The powers of two faces – espousing social justice, a liberal society and the interests of young people – should be united. So, they considered a spread in October to bring these potentials together.

A common convention shall give the possibility to underline plans for a better cooperative work. All the members of the dedicated organisations (JS Overijssel and Jusos Münsterland) are invited to join this conference. The organisation starts with a query on the expressions of interests until 2017, April 24th.

The participants can expect a productive and out-going weekend (presumably in Münster, Germany) for shared activities and exchange. Moreover, the organisers are planning to invite familiar politicians for an inter-regional discourse, which will be thematically set in different workshops. However, the final aim is the intercultural experience of people who join the same political demands and wishes across borders. In times of building new walls, the JS Overijssel and Jusos Münsterland present new ways and build bridges between groups that share more than a political colour: It is the claim for new thoughts and the young people’s call for the integrity of Europe.

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